I have been teaching Physical Education (PE) as a Learning Coach online with Colorado Virtual Academy/Colorado Digital Academy in Colorado, USA for six years and have had about ten years experience in doing exercise/workout using the technique and programs from Tony Horton (P90X, 10 Minutes Training) , Jillian Michaels, Emily Skyles, and much more. My mission is to provide at-home program that anyone can workout from home (moderate level) without going to the fitness center/gym and maintain good physical activity in your own time and availability. My main program is to help you stay fit, lose weight, and maintain good health, not to become a body builder or train for competition. It can be 1 or 2 days a week, between 60-90 minutes each time. Age between 10 - 60 years old. I prefer to teach you from my place in the morning but we can talk more about your convenience. Consult your physician or family doctor before you make decision. ติดต่อเป้นภาษาไทยได้ค่ะ



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