My name is David Young. I am a 26 year old American from Boston, Massachusetts. I moved to Thailand in 2013 and taught English, language arts and history to Mathayom and Prathom students in Korat for over a year. I also tutored at a language center. Right now, I am a volunteer at UNESCO but I tutor part time.
As a teacher, I practice reading, writing and speaking with my students. I think all three are very important. I also want my students to be creative in their writing and come up with stories. I think this is a fun way to practice English and it improves a persons grammar a lot.
I am a musician and I play the guitar and piano. I like to think that I am funny and I draw cartoons.
If you are interested in talking to me, send me a message!
สถานศึกษา: Brandeis University/ Global Studies