Expertise in playing piano, composing, choir conducting and music theory
Expertise in playing and teaching Thai traditional music instruments
Expertise in giving individual and group performances
A good singer
Well acquainted with the training requirements and skills required to work as an instructor
Expertise in identifying potential students, motivating them towards excelling, and mentoring them
Expertise in training students for different competitions
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES: Since 1997 up to present as a Piano Teacher
Conduct piano sessions for school students, young kids
Conduct auditions for selecting potential students for competitions and performing in the school band
Train students on the basic notations of the piano, moving up to playing different songs and then finally
training a selected few in composing
Train students for the school's annual day performances
Plan rehearsals and auditions in a way that they do not clash with the study time of students

Music Schools and Academies Record: Payap University, MIFA academy, Somthawil school, Charter
International School, Glory International School and private lesson.

2008 Gold Medal- member of The Voices from “Asian Choir Games”, Indonesia.
2007 Silver Medal- member of The Voices from “World Choir Games”, China.
2006 2

nd Prize Honor in the chorus of French language in Thailand.

2001 2

nd Prize Honor in the chorus of GMM Grammy and Tak Tra pak, Industry in Thailand.

1996-2000: Bachelor of Arts in Music, Majoring in Piano and Minoring in Western Voice
At Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Teachinglevel: Initial - Grade 6 Trinity, Guildhall, LCM, Music for kids, Little Mozart.



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