Phentida Hongyont McCarthy, PhD

Work Experience:
- Proficient English lecturer with 10 years’ experience teaching students between Bachelor's degree in universities through adult learners in government organizations. Able to adapt teaching methods to best meet the needs of the specific online students. Professional who brings fun and enthusiasm to the online classes

- Designed and developed educational softwares for government and private schools

- Designed and developed educational iOS applications

- Analyzed and designed iOS application for foreign organizations

- Superior skills include,
@ Teaching English based on the Natural Approach
@ English Grammar Usage
@ Project Management
@ Six Sigma Design for Software Development
@ Research Methodology; Software Research and Development
@ Agile Development
@ DSS (Decision Support System) Design and Development
@ Educational Software Design and Development
@ Application Development
@ Programming : Swift, Ruby, PHP, *CSS, *HTML

- Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) | Quality Information of Technology (with grade "Good" for the dissertation)
- Master's Degree (M.Sc.) | Computing Technology for Education
- Bachelor's Degree (B.Ed.) | English
(Phetchaburi Rajabhat University)

Studied intensive English and surveyed English teaching at Kaplan International College, Cambridge, UK

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