Hello, my students I'm teacher Kat :)

I've been teaching English for many years, and have diverse experiences in teaching kids, year one though grade12 and being a tutor for adults too. I used to be like you, I started from zero til now how far I have come? Yes. I'm totally understand. Let's know more about me ;)
Recently, I teach IEP program of a school in Nakhon Sawan, and the subjects that I normally teach are English, Mathematics, Science (teach in English). So it means, most of my students are speak English with me all the time. I've been teaching and facing with many types of my students, some of them can speak and go along with English conversations well but sure some of them can't!! 😲 it's not a problem if you can't communicate in English. Let's practise ;)

Anyway, don't worry guys learning languages its fun and useful. I will hlep you out! ^_^ just please, Don't be hesitate to say Hi ! and come study with me. I'm here willing to teach and give you what I've gain from my English learning journey to make you get your goals