Hello, I'm Wi

- Bachelor Degree of Arts in English

- International Company Work Experiences more than 10 years.
1) Administrative Assistant / Secretary to Director, GM, Manager
2)Team Organizer for the Annual Meeting, International Seminar for Asia zone
3) Quality System Management / Quality Documentation Management
4) Document Database Support, Raw Data Management, monthly report,
quarterly report, annual report for the team

Subject (วิชาที่รับสอน):
- English Daily Conversation and Grammar for Thai Students (general adults, elementary school, High school, Vocational and High Vocational school, University)

- Thai language (Daily communication) for foreigners who want to learn Thai

- Writing business emails, Business Conversation / letters
- Secretarial jobs and global responsibilities in company
- Effective job interview with foreigner (understand questions and answer)
- Discuss in general topics

- ติวสอบข้าราชการทั่วไป เช่น ครู, กพ, อปท, เรียนเพื่อเพิ่มเกรดในสถานศึกษา, เรียนปรับพื้นฐานภาษาอังกฤษทั่วไป,

สอนออนไลน์ English and Art, Lom Kao District, Phetchaboon 67110 เพชรบูรณ์