Hi my students , I am Kantanya Malakaew , nick name EAd . I love English so much .After finishing English programme from Ramkhamhaeng university, I have worked in serveral jobs using mainly English every skills including specail trainning from other university such as Thammasart university and AUA my Toeic score 660 .

The English programmes that I teach are grammar , English conversation and writing paragraph including business email.

I can say that if you are in the beginner , you will be advance English user . Recommend you to study grammar with me.

I will support and advise you all the time although you finish your lesson Otherwise I am expert in social subject and bakery : cake and cookies , Surely , you cant stop eating .

English course outline:
1. Grammar
2. Pronounciation
3. Basic of translation, listening, conversation
4. How to write paragragh and Email
5. Advice for English interview and toeic

Anyway, I will design English course based on student kha.

Location to study English and social subject: Future park rangsit , or Zeer rangsit.Location to study Bakery : My home at donmueng

. Thank you for your interesting and hope to seeyou !!.

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จตุจักร ดอนเมือง นนทบุรี บางซื่อ บางเขน บึงกุ่ม ปทุมธานี ปากเกร็ด รังสิต ลาดพร้าว ลำลูกกา สายไหม หลักสี่


Kantanya Malakaew

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