Hi Everyone,

Actually, I am not a teacher. I work as a customer service representative but I am interested in English and teaching.

I really realize that English is important for study, work and daily life. I have worked for foreign companies and dealt with colleagues and customers from many countries in Asia, Europe and USA for many years. English is an important tool to my work.

Some years ago, I spent my time for taking English Language Teaching Course (ELT) at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT).

I am confident that my English Teaching knowledge that I gained during this course and my work experience can help my students enjoy learning English and use English properly in daily life, study and work.

English is not a subject that you can learn only in a classroom but you can learn English anywhere anytime.

I would like to teach weak students/beginners no matter how old they are. Because I believe that they can become advance or independent learners after they have good basic English knowledge.

Don't be shy ! Let's start learning together.

My office working hours are 8.30-17.30, Mon - Fri. Hence, I am available for teaching only during weekends but before 17.00. Because I go jogging at Lumpini Park around 18.00. If you love English and jogging, we can join together!

Keep smiling when learning English and you will love English.
Cheers !!!
P’ Joom+



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