Hi ! My name is wachara thiensiri, you can call me teacher toh . I've been working with many foreigner ex. American, Australia, Israel, and also chinese . I was worked and practicing my english by myself for a long time focusing on an Conversation and Accent

Here's what i was doing
A english speaking chauffeur.
A assistant of main tourist guide(english)
A bartender (i was working as this when i was alone in Pai, Mae hong son)*foreigner's restuarant*
A translator for media producer and for my high school.
A camera man assistant (France and Germany Crew)
A close friend of exchange student from Italy
A high school narrator
And a photographer for my tourist client.

*From all of that work i done, i only use English language*

Why you have to study with me?
This one is a hard question. To be honest i've never teach anybody before
And this Bestkru website may give a chance to me to experiencing some thing new for me too . By the way i would love to teach and make my student understand deeply inside English language by focus on Conversation, Accent and The right way to speak and pronounces and learn about slang word and etc.

If you choose me as you teacher
I promise i will do the best i can .

Best regard
Wachara thiensiri (toh)

*อยากเก่งอังกฤษเอาไปลองแปลดูนะจ้ะ อิอิ*

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